Plant-Based Super Budders for Your Skin and Body!

Enjoy the power and simplicity of nature through Hemp, Coconut and Pure Essential Oils.

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Get your daily dose of aromatherapy

it's natures way of healing.

What Makes Us Super?

Its simple, plant-based ingredients with no emulsifiers, stabilizers, or preservatives. 100% oil based to rapidly nourish the skin, body, and mind.

Plant-based Super Ingredients

Canadian Hemp Seed Oil

Canadian Hemp Seed Oil

Hemp Seed Oil is added to every super product, minimally processed to preserve all the abundant healing compounds. Hemp combines the perfect ratio of Omega 3,6, and GLA, key for maintaining good health. We believe the future of skin and health care lie within the Hemp super plant.

Pure and wildcrafted essential oils

Pure Essential Oils

Over 35 of the worlds highest quality essential oils are used to empower our products. 100% oil based blends allow for direct application to your skin and body, in a safe and therapeutic manor. Communicate with your body through the natural powers of aromatherapy. 

Cold pressed coconut oil

Cold-Pressed Coconut Oil

The base to all our Super Budders and added to the Super Scrubs is bountiful cold pressed Coconut Oil. The Coconut has been used around the world to nourish and repair the skin and body for centuries. Coconut Oil allows our Super Budders to stay solid at room temperature.

  • We proudly only use organic plant-based ingredients in our Super Budders.
  • Vegan and ethically produced products is the only way the world should be.
  • We need to help sustain our planet. Here at Oil Me North we are working to create a more sustainable future.
  • We prefer to aviod any ingredients that are genetically altered and that are not natural. We support the Non GMO movement.


I have extremely dry skin and this has been a "skin" saver. Love it and the scent is not to overpowering

Laurie - North Carolina

Thank you for making such incredible products you don't understand how hard it is with eczema and people thinking you have weird diseases. These budders are like little miracles 

Danielle Furlong - Hamilton Ontario

AMAZING! Love the Himalayan Super Scrubs. My skin feels so soft and refreshed. Personal FAV, the Love Scrub.

Thank you :)

Brenda R - Houston Texas

Seriously, I LOVE these Oil Me North products. I am super into essential oils and they've nailed it. They literally have something for everything!

Sarah Grace - Tampa Florida

I purchased three of your products at Synergy yesterday.  So far, your muscle and joint budder is most amazing.  I am going to give it a few days for a real test but my arm hasn't felt this great in over 2 months.

P.J. Green - Hamilton Ontario

One of my children got a bad, swollen (quite raised) and scratched bruise on Sunday.  I immediately started putting the Original Budder on it (and some Motrin) and to me, it seemed the bruise never has fully developed, the swelling seems to be subsiding nicely and the scratch marks (not deep anyway) have not even scabbed and are healing/disappearing quickly.

Jennifer MacCrindle – South Carolina

Used the original for the first time and am in love! 

Georgia - Vancouver British Columbia

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