Lemongrass Essential Oil

Originating in India, Lemongrass has proved to be an important form of medicine throughout Southeast Asia and Southern America. Lemongrass is now being grown across Central America China and Brazil. This refreshingly sweet scent is the main Essential Oil used in our Refresh Super Scrub.



Skin Benefits

Lemongrass has been known to counter oil imbalances within the skin and hair. It has deodorant properties, can fight acne, aid cellulite problems, fungal infections and reduces perspiration.



Physical Benefits

Several studies have demonstrated the ability to inhibit all fungi tested. Lemongrass can reduce pain associated with muscle cramps, arthritis, nerve conditions, indigestion, and migrants/headaches. Also said to help flush lactic acid from muscles, making it great for post-workout or after a long day work. Natural tonic for all systems of the body that can inhibit microbial and bacterial growth within the body.


Mental/Emotional Benefits

The aroma can have sedating and calming effects on the mind. Lemongrass is said to protect your Auric Field. Help ease stress and nervous exhaustion.


Use our Healthy Heart Budder daily for the benefits of Wildcrafted Lemongrass Essential Oil




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