Tea Tree Essential Oil

Native to Southeast Queensland and New South Wales in Australia, European explores, made tea out of the leaves of this large Australian tree, Thus naming it Tea Tree. Once given to soldiers for their first aid kits for in abundance of health benefits, we made this cleansing Essential Oil a leading part of our Super Skin



Skin Benefits

Tea tree is great for balancing oily skin and hair. It is useful in healing wounds, acne, dermatitis, diaper rash, warts, scabies, and various bacterial and viral infections. It is very effective against the herpes virus and can protect the skin from radiation. It also provides relief from insect bites and sunburns.


Physical Benefits

Known as the cure all plant, Tea Trees fight against viral, bacterial and fungal infections. They can also treat flu, genital and urinary, vaginal, sinus, mouth and respiratory infections. It boosts immune systems by stimulating interleukin production and also reduces tumor size. It is also anti-inflammatory and helps in treating fever. Tea Trees promote the absorption of nutrients within the body and improve the digestion as well.


Mental/ Emotional Benefits

The scent is said to promote muscle and mental strength and also relieves anxiety.


Modern Studies

One study showed Tea Trees’ ability to suppress inflammatory skin disorders associated with immune system problems and skin cancer.


O.R.A.C. Value: 61,100 Ute/100g



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