6 Reasons Why You Need to Take That Beach Vacation

Have you been daydreaming about your next vacation? Although city breaks are increasing in popularity, plenty of people still prefer to spend a few days by the sea – and for a good reason. If you need any convincing to take a week off work and stock up on sunscreen and new swimsuits, consider the following reasons on why you need to take that beach vacation:



It’ll be relaxing


The pressures of everyday life get to the best of us. Between work, relationships, housework, and looking after kids, it can be difficult to find even just a moment or two for ourselves. Being at the beach can truly help you relax: not only is the sound of crashing waves one of the most soothing sounds humans can hear, having the warm sand under your feet and feeling the healing effects of salt water will help you to forget the stressors of your life and give your body and your mind a much-needed rest.


You’ll get plenty of Vitamin D


Getting the right amount of Vitamin D isn’t always easy, especially if you don’t live in a sunny climate. At beachside destinations, however, there’ll generally be an abundance of sunlight – and spending a day by the sea will help you get your daily dose. Ensure you’re making the most of your sunny vacation by using products from Oil Me North’s Super Budder skin and body care range. For smooth, moisturized skin even in the sun, use Sun Budder, a sun and tanning enhancer, to complete your beach experience. With Oil Me North’s Sun Budder, you can take your vacation home with you: its natural ingredients – including organic coconut oil – can be used every day, will feel great on your skin and remind you of your incredible time at the beach.



You can try new activities


Visiting the beach gives you an opportunity to take part in activities that you normally wouldn’t be able to enjoy at home. Popular beach activities include sunbathing, swimming kayaking and surfing – why not take a lesson or two so you can learn an awesome new skill to teach your friends back home?


You’ll enjoy plenty of good food and drink


These days, it seems like it’s impossible to scroll through Instagram for five minutes without seeing at least a couple perfectly framed, artistic-looking cocktails. If you’ve been suffering from drink envy, the beach is the place for you. Many beachside restaurants will serve cocktails made with fresh ingredients especially for visitors like you. Additionally, there’s no better place to eat fresh fish and seafood than at a restaurant overlooking the sea – pair your meal with one of those Instagram-worthy cocktails, and you’ll be in heaven!


Beach towns will give you good vibes


Friendly locals, a dress code of flip-flops and shorts, and lots of little stores selling local trinkets - what’s not to love? Strolling around a beach town is good for the soul; it’ll remind you that life doesn’t always have to be so heavy.



You’ll get plenty of exercise


Most vacations often result in weight gain simply because they involve a lot of eating and very little exercise. However, without even trying, going on a vacation to the beach will get you moving. Swimming is great for the body, as is walking on sand – plus, both activities are enjoyable rather than tedious, and you’ll be exercising as a by-product of your vacation, rather than having to set aside time for it.


The beach is good for the mind, body, and soul – look after yourself and choose to make your next vacation a memorable one. The only problem is that after a week enjoying the sun and feeling the sand between your toes, you’ll never want to go home!


Harper Reid is a freelance writer from Auckland, New Zealand who loves outdoor fun and adventure. She especially enjoys relaxing at the beach, and dreams of someday living by the sea to wake to the sound of waves. Check out more of her work on Tumblr.

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