Carrot Seed Essential Oil

The wild carrot is common throughout Europe. Oil Me North’s Carrot Seed Essential Oil is extracted by steam distillation from the dried carrot and plant trimmings.


Skin Attributes

Carrot Seed can improve skin tone, elasticity, and is great for dry skin. It deters wrinkles, dermatitis, eczema, rashes, and skin discolouration. This Essential Oil has been shown to treat precancerous skin conditions and works amazing for skin that is battling sun damage. Carrot seed is rich in beta-carotene, which is essential for skin health and eyesight.


Physical Attributes

Carrot Seed stimulates liver, and also increases the body’s circulation, and can ease genital, urinary and digestion problems. It detoxifies the blood tissues, muscles and internal organs and removes toxins from the body and can help in expelling gas from the intestines and abdomen. Carrot seed has the ability to stimulate the growth of new cells and tissues and of course, the rumors are true that it can also improve your vision.


Mental/Emotional Attributes

Carrot Seed stimulates brain function and the nervous system and can make you more alert/active. It can also bring relief from anxiety and stress.


Modern Studies

Recent American studies have confirmed Carrot Essential Oil to be beneficial in curing many forms of cancer especially mouth, throat, stomach, prostate and kidneys.


O.R.A.C. Value: 210 Ute/100g


Organic Therapeutic Grade Carrot Seed Essential Oil is blended in our Sun Budder Super Skin







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