Does Your Skin Breathe?

What! Our skin can breathe?

No, your skin doesn’t have a set of tiny lungs gasping for air. Allowing your skin to breathe means not clogging your pores and leaving your pores open – to “breathe”. When a product or ingredient is known to block pores, it is also called “comedogenic”. A comedo is a blocked hair follicle in the skin – a spot or a pimple. Makeup, sweat, grime, pollution and many other environmental toxins can all contribute to pimples, whiteheads or blackheads, and poor skin health.


Many vegetable and mineral oils act the same, forming a layer on top of the skin, trapping in moisture, thus providing relief. Vegetable oils are similar in composition to skin lipids so they are taken up by the skin through enzymatic decomposition while mineral oil is not metabolized.


Are Hemp and Coconut Oil Different Than The Rest?

This is where Hemp and Coconut Oil stand apart. Thanks to their small molecular size, Hemp and Coconut Oil easily penetrate to the deepest layers of our skin. Without the “suffocating” effects other mainstream ingredients may have. These properties make both oils the perfect carrier for our Essential Oils.

When using Essential Oils, you want the fastest absorption time, thus leading to less oxidation and more therapeutic effects for the skin and body. All our Super Budders start from a Hemp and Coconut base to ensure top benefits.


If you want to maintain flawless and radiant skin, you must allow your skin to “breathe” and use only plant based, organic ingredients.


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