Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender is a well-loved Mediterranean herb that has been associated with cleanliness and health since the Roman Empire. The British Pharmacopeia recognized lavender for over 200 years until 1948. Our Lavender is steam-distilled in France; it is believed that the best Lavender comes from the high altitudes of France. Old texts state that Lavender will raise one’s spirit and sixteenth-century herbalist, William Turner, wrote, “Lavender can comfort thee brain.”





Skin Benefits

Lavender is a natural cell regenerator that can protect the skin from scarring and stretch marks and slows the growth of wrinkles. It works amazingly on sun damaged skin, wounds, skin infections, varicose veins and on skin swellings. There is no better essential oil for burns or relief from insect bites than Lavender Essential Oil.


Physical Benefits

Lavender has been shown to work well with muscle spasms, headaches, cystitis, and even lung, sinus and vaginal infections. It is considered as a universal first aid and it destroys fungal, viral and bacterial infections. It is also great for helping with Asthma and Laryngitis. Lavender will boost a body’s natural immunity and is specific for the central nervous system. It also enhances blood circulation, relaxes the digestive system and fights against cancer.


Mental / Emotional Benefits

Lavender helps those struggling from nervousness, exhaustion, insomnia, irritability, depression, mental stress, anxiety, and anger. It has a unique balancing effect to the hormones as it can relax or stimulate depending on the person’s specific needs. It can also improve one’s memory, mood, and concentration levels. Lavender is very effective against Alzheimer's disease.


Proven Modern Studies

Japanese studies have shown that the lavender scent has a direct effect on the autonomic, sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems, as well as positively affecting the adrenal glands. Tests have also concluded that lavender, in combination with other essential oils, can prevent breast cancer in mice.


O.R.A.C. Value: 360 Ute/100g

Vibrational Frequency: 118 MHz


Our Lavender Essential Oil is grown wild in the high altitudes of Bulgaria.

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