Myrrh Essential Oil

From the Middle East and parts of Northern Africa, this small tree isn't the prettiest of plants but does it provide some magical healing. Our Myrrh Essential Oil is Wildcrafted and steam distilled in Kenya. A part of our Original Super Budder and Super Skin, this prized trade item was the main ingredient in ancient cosmetics. The Egyptians took it a step farther and mummified the dead with the Essential Oil.



Skin Benefits

Myrrh has a long history of aiding dry, cracked, and wrinkled skin. Ancient claims state Myrrh Essential Oil supports healthy skin and is effective for eczema, psoriasis, acne, varicose veins, ringworms,and bruises. It will reduce inflammation and enhance skin repair.


Physical Benefits

Myrrh improves the natural immunity and is a very strong antioxidant. Stimulates blood circulation and aids in the delivery of oxygen to cell/ tissues.


Mental/Emotional Benefits

For centuries Myrrh has been used to help inspire prayer and meditation. It can reduce anxiety, mental stress, and depression. Said to be fortifying and and revitalizing to the spirit. Helps relieve mood swings caused by hormonal imbalances.


O.R.A.C. Value: 379,800 uTE/100g

I was told a blueberry was a powerful antioxidant (Blueberry 2200 uTE/100g) Wow!


Vibrational Frequency: 105 MHz


Wildcrafted Myrrh is an addition the can positively affect anyone's daily routine.





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