Rose Essential Oil

It takes roughly 60 Roses to gather 1 drop of Essential Oil, having to be hand picked due to their delicacy. Therapeutic Grade Rose Essential Oil is the most expensive of Essential Oils. In 600 B.C. Greek poetess, Sappho christened Rose as “Queen of flowers”. It was also said to be the favorite medicine of visionary herbalist Paracelsus. Rose has always been recognized as a dominant natural medicine throughout any literature.




Skin Benefits


Rose Essential Oil is a natural cell regenerator and has the ability to protect one from wrinkles by toning and lifting the skin. It can help in reducing the appearance of stretch marks, scars, and acne. It also acts as a strong antiseptic on bacterial and viral skin infections and wounds, cuts and scrapes. Rose has also been found to help in treating sun-damaged skin, blood vessel associated problems, and burns and rashes.


Physical Benefits

Rose oil has many medical benefits; it promotes the flow of bile and also regulates acid levels in the stomach and blood. It protects the body from free radicals and stimulates and regulates hormone production and also assists in removing toxins from the blood. It is a tonic for the liver and relieves muscular, respiratory and intestinal spasms. The oil can bring relief to asthma patients and strengthen the body’s own immunity. This natural aphrodisiac can increase sperm count in males and is especially good for balancing menstrual irregularities in females.


Mental/ Emotional Benefits

Rose Essential Oil is a potent antidepressant that boosts self-esteem, confidence, and mental strength. It can also relieve one from anxiety and relaxes the body.


O.R.A.C.Value: 160,400 Ute/100g

Vibrational Frequency: 320 MHz


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