Sandalwood Essential Oil

Sandalwood is believed to be one of the oldest plants used in trade. The Essential Oil has been a staple in perfume and fragrances for well over 2000 years. The tree only starts to produce it Essential Oil after 30 years! Derived from the heartwood and some roots, Indian Sandalwood is believed to be the highest of quality. Indonesian and Australia varieties are available but lack the same abundance found naturally in Indian types. Wildcrafted Sandalwood Essential Oil is blended only into our Healthy Heart Budder.


Skin Benefits Sandalwood will help balance all hair and complexion types, best used for reducing inflammation, rashes, helps mature, dry, chapped, and acne prone skin. It aids repair of damaged skin and reduces scarring. Sandalwood has been proven effective in reducing the Herpes simplex virus, it does so by helping the cells protect themselves.


Physical Benefits Has the ability to fight inflammation, nerve pain, fungal infections, hemorrhoids, persistent coughs, nausea and even throat problems. The Essential Oil is beneficial for genital and urinary infections and was once used for the treatment of gonorrhea. Acts as a tonic for the digestive and circulatory systems, lowers bad cholesterol levels, and reduces spasms.


Mental Benefits Helps to alleviate depression, anxiety, stress, and insomnia. It is said to promote spiritual practice, peaceful relaxation, openness, and can be grounding. Also helping to boost mental clarity.


O.R.A.C. Value: 160 uTE/100g Frequency: 96 MHz